Stepping Stones For The Intrepid Universe Explorer

What Course of human events? ... Who are the One People? ... Which powers of the earth?
Entitled to separate and equal station? ... What Laws of Nature? ... Nature's God?
We hold these truths? ... All created equal? ... Endowed by our Creator?
Unalienable Rights? ... Why start with Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?
Secure rights against what or who? ... Government instituted to organize Our power to effect Our Safety and Happiness?
Long train of abuses? ... Absolute Despotism? ... Duty to provide new Guards for our future security?

Mind "Push-Ups" (Thought Experiments) to Help Get You Started

1) Consider mankind’s true nature – to pursue wellbeing while minimizing personal pain – and the characteristics of two antithetical paths towards exalted living:

      A.    Dominance, Obedience, Plunder ... Mankind's golden rule: whoever has the gold (power) makes the rules ... Nature's golden rule of power and creation.

      B.    Growth, Liberty, Property ... Mankind's golden rule above plus: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you ... Nature's golden rule above plus rhythmic balanced interchange.

What are the ramifications for you, and just as importantly for others, of choosing one path versus the other?

2) Consider the situation where mankind has known for at least 35,000 years what makes the universe tick, the unified field theory, the theory of everything:

      A.    Mankind knows the cause of gravity, and how to counter and control it

      B.    Mankind knows how to harness Nature's wheelwork, Nature's powerhouse that makes atoms, planets and galaxies spin

      C.    Mankind understands and respects Natural Law and what is meant by Natural Law before license.

What would this say about the existence and sophistication of prior civilizations, about the current powers that be?

3) Consider three game changing concepts kept hidden from you regarding how we perceive ourselves and the universe:

      A.    Being human is super, growing incredible talents is simply a function of exercising your liberty with discipline and harmony

      B.    Cyclic terrestrial cataclysms occur as a natural part of planetary, stellar and galactic dynamic processes

      C.    Extra-terrestrial beings of multiple forms and capabilities regularly interact with terrestrial-bound humans.

Who is served, and who is harmed, by keeping such essential and critical information from you?

Importance of Keeping an Open Mind

“Whatever is consistent with right reasoning should be accepted, even though it comes from a boy or even from a parrot; and whatever is inconsistent therewith ought to be rejected, although emanating from an old man or even from the great sage Shree Shuka himself.”

“In other words, we are called upon to enter on such a scientific quest as this, by divesting our minds of all pre-conceived notions, keeping our minds ever open and, in all humility (as humility alone behooves and befits the real seeker after truth), welcoming the light of knowledge from whatever direction it may be forthcoming.“

                                                                                JAGADGURU, SWAMI SRI BHARATI KRSNA TIRTHAJI MAHARAJA, Vedic Mathematics

How to Use These "Stepping Stone" Resources for Foolproof Exalted Living

1.    Understand the brilliant insight behind the United States Declaration of Independence messages identifying the One People, their One Ideal and their purpose for organizing. Makes you wonder what type of person(s) possess this level of insight, foresight.

2.    Become aware of humanity's true potential, endowed by our Creator, and discover "the art of the possible". No more secrets. Its time to celebrate, exercise your liberty and pursue happiness.

      A) Clarity and depth of knowable Truths transcending dogma to liberate the mind and feed the soul.

      B) Individual potential where "It's not about being Super Human, It's about knowing that being Human is Super" by simply following the path of "Liberty first of all, then discipline and harmony and then the development of all the talents".

      C) Prosperity and Happiness of the One People living the One Ideal, in this world and the next.

3.    Become aware of the greatest threats to humanity, to the One People and our One Ideal. No more secrets. Its time to assume our separate and equal stations among the powers of the earth. Its time to organize and secure our future safety.

      A) Nature's cyclic cataclysms that periodically reset terrestrial life and civilization

      B) Other Humans that do not share the One Ideal who would dominate and dehumanize you if allowed

      C) Other worldly (extra-terrestrial) beings who would dominate and dehumanize you if allowed.

4.    Make a cursory pass through the Essential Resources starting with Wisdom, followed by Unification and Sovereignty, in order to become familiar with the scope of concepts and material selected as the stepping stones for restoring Natural Law and Individualism in the minds of the One People.

5.    Come back and repeat passes through the outline of Resources after taking breaks. Explore specific Resources more in-depth, individually, as your curiosity dictates.

6.    After becoming comfortable and confident in your knowledge through individual effort and self-education, expand your thinking further by discussing topics of interest with others who have also begun taking steps towards expanding their thinking.

Wisdom - What does "Right" look like big picture?

Essential Resources

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Unification - What if everything really is all connected?

Essential Resources

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Sovereignty - Why is Americanism so hard to guard?

Essential Resources

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